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PO Box 218

5 East St.

St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0

Welcome to our website!

We are the Anglican Church in the beautiful town of St. Anthony, Newfoundland!


There are a lot of people involved in worship...  

Getting ready:

Cleaning Teams
These people give their time to make our place of worship comfortable and clean. Teams take turns cleaning the church each week. 

Alter Guild

The Alter Guild does a lot of great work. They change the colours of cloth based on the season. They get ready for communion and also help with clean up from the service. They make sure things are set up, clean and ready for the worship and especially for our sacraments.

Worship Leader(s)

The priest, deacon and/or lay readers get ready for the service by praying, preparing a sermon, sometimes making and printing bulletins and making sure everyone is prepared. They lead worship with other lay readers, musicians, readers, servers and helpers. 

Lay Readers

Lay readers are trained and given permission to assist with services and to lead worship when the clergy can not be there. 


The Organist, our band Glad Tidings, and the Choir help to prepare for worship . Often hymns are picked before the service and maybe even practiced. 


The servers help by lighting candles, making sure the sound system is on, putting up hymns, and anything extra that might need to be done. Sometimes lay readers will assist as well. The servers then take some time for prayer before worship begins. A child, youth or adult can be a server. During the service they enter carrying the cross or candles, they take up the offering, help with communion and baptism, they extinguish the candles and put things away when the service is over.


These people start by playing our beautiful chimes and getting the bulletins and books organized before the service. As people come in they greet them and hand them a bulletin. After the service is over, they clean up the bulletins and books.


During the worship service: 

Sunday School

Children and teachers go to the basement hall for Sunday school during worship. There are two programs: a nursery program (ages 3-5) and a children's program (ages 5 and up). Both offer awesome and creative programming, integrating stories, experiments and fun activities into the Sunday school classes. These programs are enjoyed by both children and teachers. 

Taking up the offering

During the worship an offering plate is circulated and people are provided the opportunity to give. There are several people, in Sunday school and the worship service, that collect the offerings and bring them to the alter and offer them to God. 

The offering of the gifts

Each time there is communion, two people bring the bread and wine to the server at the alter.

Eucharistic Assistants 

These people help to give out the consecrated bread and wine during communion.


These people read the chosen scripture from the Bible each Sunday.

We all play a role in worship, in our prayers, our singing or just being present!  

After the worship service: 


Each week there is a team of volunteers that count and record the money given during worship.