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St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0

Welcome to our website!

We are the Anglican Church in the beautiful town of St. Anthony, Newfoundland!


Looking to get married?

Persons interested in being married at St. Mary's Anglican Church in St. Anthony should contact the clergy as soon as possible and at least 3 months before the proposed ceremony.


Couples should not make financial commitments or print invitations or invite musicians or other clergy to participate at their ceremony without receiving permission from the rector here.

The Wedding Service - The Liturgy 
While there is every attempt to personalize the liturgy and make the service meaningful and memorable for the couple this cannot be done at the expense of the theological understanding of Christian marriage.

Couples are required to do a marriage preparation course and this is most easily accomplished with lots of notice. For further information please read the Diocesan guidelines for marriage listed below.

I want to get married in the Anglican Church Checklist:

1. Contact the clergy (at least three months in advance)

2. Don't plan too much until you talk to the clergy at the church you want to get married in.

4. Make plans

  • Do you meet the civil requirements in marry in Newfoundland and Labrador?

  • Who will be your witnesses (you need two)?

  • When (date)?

  • Where (church or other, if it is another place you need special permission)

  • Scripture & Readings

  • Music

  • Photographer/Videographer (with conversation with clergy)

3. Fill out the marriage application on this page.

4. Marriage preparation course (this should be completed with your local clergy)